garbage-disposal-repairs-pic4Removing objects from a disposal may be needed when the disposal can't grind them up. As a rule you're careful. Once in a while something gets in the disposal that it can't handle.

Silverware, coins or other metal objects are quite popular. The noise usually sets off the alarm and you know you got a problem. Other things like plastic bags and bones may not be as loud but are just as annoying.

Unless the handle of a fork is obviously sticking up out of the opening you want to make sure the power is off. Always shut the power off before attempting any garbage disposal repairs.

With the power off try to take the rubber strainer out. Take a look and see if you can identify the object. You may need a flashlight.

With tongs or a pair of pliers get a hold of the object and remove it. Check again and make sure you got it all. Satisfied everything is clear? Put the stainer back in and turn the power on. Try it and see if it runs quietly again. Yes? Great, you have completed your garbage disposal repairs, at least for now.




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Safety First!

Make sure you are working safely. See 'Home Safety Tips' and 'Electrical Safety Tips


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