door-hinge-repair-pic1Door hinge repair is a common task for homeowners. The hinges support the weight of the door and give it a way to swing in and out of an opening. They are the main moving part of a door and do all the hard work. Hinges can wear out and will need attention. What can you do?

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There are three main areas with door hinge repair. Lubricating, adjusting and replacing them are the options. These repairs get harder as they go. Lubricating a sticky or squeaky door hinge is the easiest job. Adjusting a hinge is also not that hard. Replacing hinges is a bit more work, but still not a major job.

Check out this information to see if this is something you want to take care of. You may be pleasantly surprised, it may only take a few minutes of your time.

Door Hinge Repair - Information

What Can You Save?

Lubricating squeaky or sticking door hinges and adjusting the door should run from $50 to $75. Replacing a set of hinges may run $100. It will be more if the hinges have to be fit to the door.

How Hard Could It Be?

Door hinge repairs are not too hard and usually only take a few minutes.

These repairs will have a Difficulty Level of: A Bit of Work
These repairs require a Skill Level of: Handyman

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Check the Simple Things!

Lubricating the hinges is the easiest thing. Squeaky or sticking hinges can usually be taken care of by some oil.

What Can Go Wrong?

Be careful when using oil or graphite on a door hinge. Oil can leak and get on other surfaces. Graphite is a dry black powder that can stain walls and carpet. When adjusting a door hinge it is possible to make the situation worse, not better. A door that is too far out of adjustment will not close.

Troubleshooting Door Hinge Problems

Oiling or lubricating is the solution most of the time when it comes to troublesome hinges. The article 'Oiling Door Hinges' gives you instructions on what to do.

The hinges hold the door in the frame. Hinges that are not attached securely will allow the door to sag. The article 'Adjusting Door HInges' talked about how to correct this problem.


Hinges that are too discolored or too rusty may need to be replaced. The article 'Replacing Door Hinges' gave you instructions on what to do.

Are you all done with your door hinge repair? What did you have to do? Hopefully you were in the majority and all that was needed was some lubrication. A few minutes with the right oil and you have solved your problem. The next easiest door hinge repair involves adjusting the hinges. This is usually confined to the top hinge.

Were you left with the task of replacing your door hinges? This is a little more work, but not impossible to do. Hardest part is finding the right hinges. What are you going to do now? You could check your list and tackle another project.