Wireless doorbells as the name implies do not have wires that connect them to the house's electrical supply.

In fact, they are powered by batteries and use transmitters to relay signals when the doorbell is depressed. This is a great feature for a retrofit situation when running wires is difficult.

The repair issues with wireless doorbells are different than wired ones. The article 'Wireless Doorbell Repair' discusses this subject in depth. Follow this link to find out what to do to repair this type of doorbell.

Wireless have several features that make them popular, some of them are as follows:

(1) They are inexpensive.

(2) Usually have several options for chimes.

(3) Do not require hard wires to operate. In homes without wiring installed or that have damaged wiring, they can be a good option.

(4) Easy to install, usually in an hour or two.

Drawbacks are as follows:

Tones may not be as rich as full chimes in more expensive doorbells.

(1) Batteries run out of power and the doorbell quits working. Both the chime unit and each individual doorbell button require batteries.

(2) Chime units cannot be repaired, replacement is the only option.

Troubleshooting Wireless Doorbell Problems


Batteries, Batteries, Batteries are the operative word with a wireless doorbell. If it starts to act up, check the batteries. Each doorbell button will have a battery. In addition, the doorbell chime unit will also have batteries. There should be a test button on the doorbell chime unit. If you push it and the doorbell works, then it is the batteries for the doorbell button.

The article 'Replacing Wireless Doorbell Batteries' covers the issues with the batteries and provides instructions on replacing them.

Wireless Doorbell Buttons

Wireless doorbell buttons are fairly fragile and exposed to the elements. It is likely they will fail over time.  Make sure you check the batteries first, see above. If the batteries are good and the button won't work, it may be bad. The article 'Fixing Wireless Doorbell Buttons' explained what you need to do.

When All Else Fails

When the unit fails there is not a lot you can do to repair it. Make sure you have first checked the batteries in both the doorbell buttons and the chime unit. If the chime unit works and the buttons don't, replace the buttons. If you still cannot get it to work, then you will have to get a new doorbell. See the article 'Replacing Wireless Doorbells' talked about this topic.

Hopefully you have been successful in solving your wireless doorbell problem. Your guests will be able to push the button and you will know that they are there. How cool is that?