ceiling-fan-troubleshooting-pic3You have power to the switch, but the fan still does not work. You could have a loose wire inside the fan housing.

Don't have ceiling fan wiring issue? See 'Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting' or 'Electrical Repair' for all the electrical topics.

Checking for Loose Wiring

You are going to need some help to hold the fan while you check the wires. If your fan has a hanging hook it will be a lot easier. Turn the breaker off at the panel and tape it so no one turns it on. Loosen the housing screws and lower the fan. Double check with a tester to make sure nothing is hot. OK, now this ceiling fan troubleshooting thing is getting a little tougher.

Check the connections for the fan wires where they are connected to the wires in the box. Tighten the nuts and make sure everything is snug. There may be another internal set of connections within the fan housing. Check those and see if any are loose. Check the connections at the pull chain switches. Put the housing back on. Turn the power back on at the breaker panel.

Checking the Power at the Ceiling Box

ceiling-fan-troubleshooting-pic4You will need to take the fan completely down to see if you have power in the box. Turn the power back off at the panel and tag it. Loosen the housing and lower the fan (get some help). Unhook the wires and put the wire nuts back on them. Turn the power on at the panel.

Turn the fan switch on and use a non contact tester to see if you have power to the box. You have power? Then the problem is in the fan unit. Check all the connections again. Check the pull chain switches and the connections leading up to them.

No power in the box? Your problem is at the switch or in one of the connections inside the box. Use the voltage tester to try and tell where the break down is. Remember, not messing with the wires while the power is on.


You don't want to get shocked during your ceiling fan troubleshooting project. Shut the breaker off and pull the connections out of the box. Turn the power back on and use the tester to see where your problem is.


Hopefully you have found your problem and your ceiling fan troubleshooting project has been successful. Are you installing a new fan? See the article 'Installing a New Ceiling Fan' for instructions and tips on what to do.