Drain pipe repair will usually involve one of two problems. The first and more common problem is clogs in the drains. See below for information on the different types of clogged drains that you can have.

Common problems with drain pipes are 'Clogged Kitchen Sinks', 'Clogged Bathtub Drains' and 'Cleaning a Drain'. Follow these links for more information.

Most plumbing fixtures in your home have both water supply and water drainage features. The water that is drained away is usually less desirable than the water that comes in. When the water fails to drain away, it is usually a big mess.

Getting drains cleaned out had become an expensive repair. You could be faced with a several hundred dollar charge for getting a drain cleaned. Sometimes the severity of the problem and the knowledge to run the equipment invoved makes this expense unavoidable. Most of the time, fixing the problem could be within your reach.

Plumbing Drain Repair - Finding Help

Below you will find some common problems. There is a brief description and a link that will lead you to additional information. Our evaluation sections of the pages will help you to decide if you want to make the repair. The "What Can You Save?" and "How Hard Could It Be?" sections give you a quick overview of the repair. This will help you decide if it is using good judgment to make the repair yourself.

The "Check the Simple Things First" section will clue you in to easy fixes to check for. Many times something easy will eliminate a problem without the aggravation of an involved repair. In an effort to warn you about what you are in for, there is the "What Can Go Wrong" section. Forewarned is forearmed as they say. Knowing what to watch out for is always helpful.

Plumbing Drain Repair - Topics

How To Unclog a Drain

This article deals with problems that are common to all plumbing drains. It also provides some general troubleshootiting guidelines. There are multiple ways to unclog a drain. Depednding on your situation, one methoed will prevail over another. See the specific articles for kitchen sinks and bathtubs for information related to those drains.

Clogged Bathtub Drains

Bathtub drains have unique problems. Hair is a big problem with this drain. The linkage that makes the drain work can add some unusual problems to dealing with clogs. Making sure that the bathtub is the actual problem is another factor.

Clogged Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks have drains similar to other devices in your home. They are slightly different for a few reasons. One is the grease. Grease creates and unusual type of clog. A snake can go through it without getting it to move. The other unique feature is the garbage disposal. Find out how to deal with the special problems that affect a kitchen sink.

Sink Drain Plumbing

Sometimes, fixing plumbing drains involves taking apart the plumbing. Putting it back together can be a little challenging. You may have to replace some or all of the parts. Most of the time, it is not that hard.

Plumbing Drain Repair - Summary

After you have reviewed the articles noted above you will be equipped for fixing plumbing drains. With a few tools and your acquired knowledge you should be able to solve your problems.

Plumbing drain problems come in different flavors. That is why there are specific articles for each.