Do you know how to unclog a toilet without a plunger or a snake. Essentially, your in a bind without any tools. There are methods that can be tried, but they are not as effective as a good old fashioned plunger.


Waiting for a clog to dissolve can sometimes work.

Water Pressure

You need to be careful with this one. Most toilet bowls will handle two flushes and that's about it if the water is not draining out. A second flush will sometimes build up enough water pressure to push the clog on through.


Chemicals that are strong enough to dissolve clogs are dangerous and should be used with great care.

Zip It

A zip it snake may be long enough to break up a clog in a trap.

Coat Hanger

Yes this can work. A wire coat hanger that has been straightened out can get to a clog and get it loosened up. You may have to play with the shape a bit and work it to get it past the trap.