Interior Bifold Doors Pic1Why would you need to make repairs on interior bifold doors? In the last four decades bifold doors have become very popular. They have replaced sliding doors in most closets. Bifold doors allow for access to the entire closet as opposed to just half with a sliding door. Always seems like what you want is on the side that is hidden with a slider.

Do you have another type of closet door? See, 'Troubleshooting Closet Doors' and 'Residential Door Repair' for listings of related articles.

Bifold doors are inexpensive and easy to install making them popular with builders. You may have several bifold doors in your home. With repeated use the doors can get out of alignment and hardware can wear out.

Each pair of bifold doors is fixed in the opening by two pivot pins. A roller in the top of the second leaf keeps the door aligned as you open and close it. The pivot pins can get out of adjustment. Repairing interior bifold doors is a doable job for just about all homeowners. Check the information below to determine if you want to tackle this home repair.

Repairing Interior Bifold Doors - Information

What Can You Save?

Adjusting a bifold door when you know how, is an easy job. A carpenter or serviceman can take care of that in a service call. Cost you $50 to $85 depending on who you deal with. New doors range in price from about $40 to $125. If you get talked into a new door it will be another $75 to $125. Low end you could save $50 for a fifteen minute job. A new door could run as much as $250, more for a better quality door.

How Hard Could It Be?

Working on interior bifold doors is not that hard. With a little patience you can deal with most or all of the possible issues.

These repairs will have a Difficulty Range of: Very Easy to A Bit of Work
These repairs require a Skill Level Range of: Total Novice to Job Jar Specialist

Check the Simple Things!

Adjusting the bifold door is the simplest thing. Usually no parts involved, a screw driver, maybe a wrench and ten minutes. How simple is that? See Step One below for more information.

What Can Go Wrong?

Parts can break, screws can strip. You may damage something when you start working on it. If you do you will need to get a hardware kit. This could leave the door not working until you get the new parts installed. Is it the guest room? Are they coming tonight? Better go to the hardware store now.

Troubleshooting Bifold Door Problems

Bifold doors have become very popular in residential construction. These doors are inexpensive and easy to install, making them a first choice with builders. Adjustment are the main problem. Four panel bifold doors can be a little challenging to adjust. The door has to align in several directions.

The top of a bifold door has two important items that work with the track to held the door work properly. Equally important is the bottom pivot pin. The articles 'Adjusting the Bifold Doors' and 'Adjusting Bifold Door Hardware', cover all of the adjustments that can be made to the bifold doors.

Another option to repairing bifold doors is replacing the door hardware. There are kits that include a complete set of door hardware. When the door is old, this may be a good choice. See the article 'Replacing Bifold Door Hardware' for information on the options available.

'Lubricating a Bifold Door' as the title implies, covered oiling the door to free up the hardware. Hinges, rollers and pins can benefit from a little oil once in a while.

You may decide that a new bifold door is what you want. Perhaps the old door is tired looking. In addition, you found out that a new one is not that expensive. Can you install the door yourself? Is it hard? Find out what you are up against by following the link above. This is something you can do yourself and save the price of a carpenter.



Most homes have several interior bifold doors in them. From time to time it is likely that they will need some attention. In this article there is useful knowledge and links to other resources that should have helped with your door issues. Usually it is just an adjustment that is needed.

Was repairing bifold doors a success for you? That's great if it was. You can move on to your next home repair. Don't feel like another repair project? Pick another easy one, it will inspire you.