Replacing a toilet flange when they crack or break is very important. A broken toilet flange can allow the toilet to loosen and start leaking. A toilet that will leaks at the base will get dirty water on your floor.

Replacing a toilet flange will seem like a big job at first. However, the biggest part of the job is removing the toilet.

Purchasing a Toilet Flange

You are going to want to purchase a toilet flange that is suitable for a retrofit situation. You will probably want one with a pressure fitting that will attach to the old pipe.

Removing the Old Toilet Flange

Your old toilet flange may be partially broken already. Remove the broken pieces that are loose. You may need to chisel away what remains of the old flange. Try not to damage the piping that it is attached to.

Installing the New Toilet Flange

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the new toilet flange. Make sure the toilet flange is level with the floor before tightening the compression fitting.

Once the fla nge is snug you can screw it to the sub floor. Install new tee bolts and a wax ring and you are ready to replace your toilet.