You need a pocket door wrench when you work on you pocket doors. The thin profile will fit in the tight space above the door. You use the wrench to adjust the bolts on the pocket door hangers up or down.

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The wrench is similar to the tools you get with a put together furniture item. As a result, they often get lost. Do you know where your pocket door wrench is? What can you do if you don't?

Locating a Pocket Door Wrench

The first thing you want to try to do is find the wrench that came with the hardware for your pocket door. It is a small thing wrench that can be straight or may have a funny bend in it. It was in the bag of hardware that came with your pocket door. Check the tool and junk boxes.

It may be that you never had it. The builder that installed the door may not have left it for you. Or your house has changed hands a few times and the wrench is in the previous owner's tool box.

Purchasing a Pocket Door Wrench

Now that you need one you probably think it is a simple matter to just buy one. There are a couple of problems with this. First, there is no standardization for pocket door hardware. As a result, each manufacturer will use a different adjustment wrench.

To make matters worse, even if you know the manufacturer of your pocket door hardware, not many of them sell the wrenches by themselves. They will come in a kit.

Try to determine what brand of pocket door hardware you have. With that information you can search online for the wrench. Johnson Hardware and manufacturer of pocket door hardware does sell an adjustment wrench, try this link 'Johnson Pocket Door Wrench'. However, other popular manufacturers such as Stanley do not sell the wrenches individually.

You could purchase the entire kit, just to get the wrench. This will set you back $10 to $20 just to get the wrench.

Adjusting a Pocket Door Without a Wrench

It is possible to adjust the pocket door without the wrench. There are a couple of things you can try.

Using Needle Nose Pliers

They make needle nose pliers that have an offset nose on them that you should be able to get for less than ten dollars. If the door is not too tight, you might be able to get these to work. See the article 'Adjusting a Pocket Door' for information on how to make the adjustments.

Taking the Door Off the Hangers

Another option would be to take the door off the hangers to make the adjustments. This is obviously going to be more work. You may have to take the door down a few times before you get it right.


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Using a Pocket Door Wrench - Summary

Hopefully you were able to locate your pocket door wrench and make the needed adjustments. If not, there are other ways to solve the problem. With a little extra effort you should have been able to adjust your door.