Can you use drywall to make plaster wall repairs? The answer to that question is mostly a yes. Using drywall on plaster walls is acceptable, but there are considerations. The first issue is thickness. Plaster systems can vary in thickness, depending on the type of system used. You may find that the plaster is thicker than standard drywall.

You can uses shims or cardboard to pack out the framing behind the drywall patch. Use the proper thickness of shim for the depth you have. An example would be a 7/8" plaster system. You would need 3/8" shims to get the drywall to the same surface as the plaster. For instructions on installing a drywall patch, see the article 'Drywall Hole Repair'. This article has information on installing additional framing and the actual replacement drywall.

The other issue would be the surface texture of the plaster. Plasterers use all sorts of techniques to finish a surface. Or the plaster itself may have a different finish then the drywall you are installing. A smooth piece of drywall in the middle of a textured plaster wall may stick out.

You may need to do a little experimenting to get the drywall surface to look the same as the plaster. This is especially true if you have some sort of troweled texture in the plaster. See the article 'Texturing Drywall', for more information. This article will give you a few pointers on how to match a plaster texture.