water-stains-on-drywall-picWater stains on drywall when they are on a wall or ceiling can be pretty unsightly. Finding a plant to put in front of it may work for awhile. Not much you can do to mask a water stain on your ceiling.

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As long as the drywall is still in good shape and the water leak has been stopped you can just repaint the area. You need to seal the stain with a good quality stain blocker such as Kilz or Zinsser. Once the stain blocker has dried you can paint the area with normal paint.

See how easy it is to repair water damaged drywall when it is just a water stain. Painting can take care of the problem. Just use the right paint. Time to move on to your next project. Can't find your to do list, well how about taking it easy in front of the television.

Stains are a common problem in any home. This website only touches on them occasionally. Do you have other stains you need to deal with? We found a great website that has a lot of good information on stains. Follow this link Stain Guide, for some helpful tips.