Garage Door Spring Repair Pic1Garage door spring repairs will be needed when one of your garage door springs break. This will usually be with a dramatically loud noise.

There are two things that can be done with the springs. 'Adjusting Garage Door Springs' covers adjusting them. 'Replacing Garage Door Springs' explains when you need to replace them.

Yes, it will scare you if you are not expecting it. Garage doors can weigh as much as 300 lbs., making it almost impossible and dangerous to raise them. When a spring breaks you will be faced with the prospect of calling a garage door repairman or making your own garage door spring repair.

There are two types of garage door springs. Extension springs are the kind that are on each side of the door and are stretched alongside the overhead track. Torsion springs are mounted on the header above the door and use a round rod to connect to the sides of the door.

Of the two types, extension springs are easier to repair. Torsion springs can be dangerous and should not be worked on without a good knowledge of how they operate. In addition to that, the proper safety precautions must be observed.

Garage Door Spring Repair - Finding Help

Below you will find some common problems. There is a brief description and a link that will lead you to additional information. Our evaluation sections of the pages will help you to decide if you want to make the repair. The "What Can You Save?" and "How Hard Could It Be?" sections give you a quick overview of what is involved in this type of garage door repair. This will help you decide if it is using good judgment to make the repair yourself.

The "Check the Simple Things First" section will clue you in to easy fixes to check for. Many times something easy will eliminate a problem without the aggravation of an involved repair. In an effort to warn you about what you are in for, there is the "What Can Go Wrong" section. Forewarned is forearmed as they say. Knowing what to watch out for is always helpful.

Garage Door Spring Repair Topics

There are three issues with the garage door springs. The springs themselves, they either work or they are broken. The cabling that connects the spring's force to the garage door. The third item is adjustment. Only torsion springs can be adjusted.

Replacing Garage Door Springs

It is usually pretty obvious when a spring is broken. The door won't work and the spring is in two pieces. Broken springs will need to be replaced. Springs should be replaced in sets. If one spring broke, the second is probably not far behind. Examine the springs carefully to determine whether or not they are broken. If you are certain you have a broken spring you want to review this article. This article will help you determine the type of spring you have and the steps needed to repair them.

Adjusting Garage Door Springs

You have examined the springs and they do not appear to be broken. Check the cables, it could be that one has come loose or is broken. Does the cabling look different on one side of the door? The cables may need to be repaired or replaced. For a detailed discussion on garage door cable issues, you want to review this article. This article will discuss the various issues with the cables and any possible adjustments on the springs.


Often, repair is not an option with a garage door spring. Garage door spring repair usually means 'spring replacement'. There are some ancillary items that can be repaired, such as cables. When a spring breaks you are stuck, the door cannot even be safely lifted.

This article has mostly directed you to other resources after explaining a few things. After reviewing the information we hope that you were able to make your garage door spring repair or that you were able to get a serviceman at a reasonable price.