Adjusting Garage Door to Weatherstripping Pic1Adjusting a garage door to the weatherstripping will involve the garage door track. First, close the door and see how the door lines up with the weatherstripping on the outside. In the closed position, the garage door needs to be snug against the weatherstripping. When there are gaps, air will leak in around the door. If the track is too close to the jamb, the door will bind.

To adjust the door to the weatherstripping you want to loosen the nut on the bolt that holds the garage door track to the bracket. The bracket should have a slotted hole that allows the track to move.

You may need to loosen more than one bracket at a time, since the track will bind when you try and move it. Hold the door against the weatherstripping. Make sure the track is up against the back of the roller and tighten the bolt.

Repeat this process with all of the brackets on one side of the door. Check the door again to make sure there are no gaps. Repeat this process as needed on the other side of the door as needed.