Lubricating Garage Door Rollers Pic1Lubricating garage door rollers is the first and simplest solution to noisy and sticking rollers. This choice will only take a few minutes and will likely solve the problem without further expense.

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The rollers are made up with a metal shaft that slides into a sleeve on the door hinges. There is a plastic wheel the rides inside the overhead door track. The roller has ball bearings that allow it to turn. The shaft can slide in and out of the sleeve. Since both the wheel and the shaft move, it is possible that they can make noise or start to stick.

Use a can of silicone spray and lubricate the roller and the shaft that is inside the sleeve. Keep a rag handy and don't over do it. This may require a little patience. The shaft is fairly long and it may take a little while for the oil to work in. When the wheel is turning freely and the shaft does not bind you are done.

Lubricate all of the garage door rollers in a similar way and your problem is solved.