If you are in need of electric stove repair, this troubleshooting guide should help you. Review these common problems and the likely causes.

Why is my electric stove not turning on?

You may be experiencing problems with getting electricity to it. This could be caused by the unit not being plugged in properly or at all.

If you have just moved into a place, the outlet may not be working. It is also possible at any time that the circuit breaker was tripped or that you have a blown fuse.

Why aren't my coils heating up?

If the lights on your range work or one or more of the coils is working properly, you have a different problem than if you are not seeing any part of the unit turning on.

You may have an internal ignition switch that is faulty.

The coil element itself may not be plugged in properly. This can cause a loose connection or none at all. Something may also be stuck between the element and the stove.

It is possible that the burner has been damaged. If something heavy was dropped on it or something cold came in contact with it while it was hot, it could have caused it to break even if there are no visible signs of damage.

If you have not used this burner before, it is also possible that the element used in that spot is not the right one for the appliance.

Why do I see sparks when I turn on the stove?

Dangerous sparks can be caused by several things. The element itself may have experienced damage from extreme temperatures or weight. It may not be compatible with your appliance.

Your stove top may have loose wires or connections somewhere. The problem may be directly related to the coil element that is sparking or that is triggered by that element being turned on.

Why are the lights not turning on that show my burners are hot?

The small indicator lights that let you know when your burners have been turned on or are still hot might have a burned out bulb.

You may also have a faulty control switch inside of the stove.

Why can't I adjust the temperature for one of my burners?

This frustrating problem generally results in a burner going to high heat and staying there, no matter where you set the knob.

It is most likely caused by a faulty internal ignition switch.

Why do the coils move around when I put a pot or pan on them?

This is a problem that is generally caused by not having the right tray beneath the coil. Not only do these trays keep food from leaking into your stove, they also secure the coil. You may also have a coil that is not the right size for the burner, allowing it to wiggle when touched.

These electric stove repair troubles can be repaired once you have determined what is causing the problem.