pocket-door-rollers-pic1There are (3) Key Topics associated with 'Pocket Door Rollers', take a quick jump here or check out the overview below:

Lubricating Pocket Door Rollers - This is your likely choice for getting them to work better. Noisy and sticking rollers will respond to lubrication.

Removing Pocket Door Rollers - It is not that hard to take them out, but it involves taking the door off. Removing them will make sense if they are seized up.

Replacing Pocket Door Rollers - There are some issues with this idea. It can be done, but you want to know the facts first.

For a general discussion on 'Pocket Door Repair', go to this page. You will find information on adjusting, lubricating and repairing pocket doors. Most of the time it is a simple job that only takes a few minutes.

What Can You Save? - It would easily be $75 to $125 for someone to come out. They would likely lubricate and adjust the door, normally it would take ten or fifteen minutes.

How Hard Can It Be? - Lubricating pocket door rollers is a simple task. Removing and replacing them is more work and not likely to be needed.

What Can Go Wrong? - Do not attempt to replace the pocket door rollers unless you know they match the track you have. Don't get oil everywhere when you lubricate them.

How Pocket Door Rollers Work

Pocket door rollers keep the door running inside of a metal track. The rollers are made of metal and nylon and usually have three or four rollers on each assembly. Regular doors are supported by hinges. The hinges are attached to the side of the door. A pocket door has hangers that are attached to the top of the door with metal brackets. Like any wheel that uses bearings, lack of lubrication can cause them to wear out and start to tighten. When this happens the door becomes hard, sometimes impossible, to move.

The door rollers need to be able to ride in the grooves in the track. The track is 'C' shaped with the sides curled up to form a groove. The style of roller usually matches the metal track that they ride in. Finding rollers that are an exact match for the ones that you have may be challenging. You can buy kits that have new track included. The problem is that unfastening and installing the track inside the pocket is pretty hard.

Pocket Door Rollers – Conclusion

This article provided you with an overview of the issues associated with pocket door rollers. With the information provided you should be able to take care of your problem without too much trouble. Still have issues or questions?