Home Repair Central ClipArt1Home Repair Central gives you the information you need to make most repairs in your home yourself. Some of the main topics are:

Fixing Doors - Repair and adjust doors in your home. Exterior Doors, Garage Doors, Interior Doors and Closet Doors are discussed.

Repairing Drywall - Everything from and little ding in your wall to a big hole can be fixed.

Plumbing Repairs - Toilets, Sinks, Drains and Water Heaters are covered.

Electrical Repair - After you take precautions there is no reason you can't make simple electrical repairs in your home.

Why pay a repairman if it is simple to fix. There are many repairs that take less the fifteen minutes. Would you like to save $75 for 15 minutes of work?

You may as well accept the fact that there will be some cost and inconvenience, no matter what you do. The cost and inconvenience can be minimized.

Calling a repairman is not a pleasant thought. Someone will need to meet him. It may not be solved in a single visit. You will have to suffer through the sometimes condescending attitude of the technician.

You may be subjected to the 'hard sell' to replace the item. 'It may not last if I fix it', he says in tone that means a bigger check. Finally, you will probably be out one hundred to several hundred dollars for your trouble, not to mention the time missed from your job.

Find Out If You Can Take Care of it Yourself

It is my hope that you will never have to pay a hundred or more dollars for something you can do yourself. I worked for a plumbing contractor several years ago and made numerous service calls at people's homes. Many times I would be sent out to unstop a bathtub drain. I would take a screwdriver out of my back pocket, take out the strainer, and remove the hair and the drain would work fine. In the mid 70's the bill for that was forty dollars for two minutes work, not bad pay, when you can get it.

Home Repair Central is designed to help you decide if you are capable of repairing something yourself. Can you do it? How much could you save? Do i have the tools? How inconvenient will it be to the family, especially your spouse? Knowing your options will help you make an intelligent decision.

Commonsense Home Repair Clipart1I am not saying that you should never call a professional. What I am saying is that you need a professional far fewer times than the professionals would have you believe.

I was on a website recently that said that 'garage door repairs' are best left to professionals. I guess it was a good thing I didn't read that before I repaired my own garage door.

Why should you pay exorbitant fees for simple tasks that you could easily perform yourself. With a little guidance and access to the right resources, you can make your own home repair.

How This Site Can Help You

Home Repair Central will provide you with the following help:

Commonsense Home Repair Clipart3

Quick easy assessments of whether or not a particular repair is practical. Is a Drywall Repair impossible for the average person? Can you make a simple Plumbing Repair? The "What Can You Save?", "How Hard Could It Be?", "Check the Simple Things First" and "What Could Go Wrong", segments will help you to quickly assess the feasibility of a repair. Look for the 'Yellow' highlights.

Step by step "How To" information to help you make the actual repair. We will try to include useful pictures that illustrate the repair being made.

Tools, sometimes, special tools may need to be rented or purchased.

Links to useful information, such as, manuals and manufacturer's websites.

Sage advice on timing. Some repairs are possible if the timing is right.

We are very glad you took the time to look at this website. We hope you find something useful here. Please come back and visit us again.

Door Repair

Why Replace a Door That Can Be Repaired? Can you make a door repair? Often the answer is yes, a few tools, some patience and you can get your doors working properly. Use this site to get the skills.

Garage Door Repair

Is This Something You Want to Try to Do Yourself? Making an Overhead Garage Door Repair, do you have the skills? There are several moving parts and the door is heavy, yet there are things you can do. Learn How!

Garage Door Spring Repair

When the Spring Breaks the Door Gets Heavy. Fix It! What do you need to know to make a garage door spring repair? It may not be the lock, could it be the door? It could be as simple as a little oil! 

Interior Swinging Doors

Bedrooms, bathrooms, utility rooms, closets and other rooms all have swinging doors. These doors are lighter than their exterior cousins. However they can act up and require some attention. Wood doors are susceptible to changes in humidity. Learn what you need to know by reviewing this topic.

Closet Doors

Closet doors come in two common types. Bifold and sliding, the names are descriptive of the operation of the door. These doors can vary in quality and the hardware needs to be replaced over time. Check out all the closet door issues in this section.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are the ones that disappear into the wall. They are great when space is tight. They use different hardware and the inside of the pocket is hard to access. So they have some unique problems. This topic covers the issues and problems.

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors keep intruders and the elements out of your home. This means they are made of heavier construction and the locks have to be of better quality. In addition, weatherstripping is needed to keep out the hot and cold.

Drywall Repair

Tips and Techniques for Repairing Drywall in Your Home. Do you know how to repair drywall? Why pay someone when it is not that difficult. Learn what you need to know the repair any drywall problem in your home.

Drywall Patching

Whether it is a small crack or a large hole in your wall, the reality is that it will need some patching and repair. Size does matter when it comes to a drywall repair, so the articles deal with various levels of patching. At the small end, you may need to spackle a small ding in the wall before you paint. At the large end, someone may have put their foot through the ceiling when they were getting something out of the attic. These items and everything in between are covered in this segment.

Electrical Repair

Keep the Current Flowing and Your Home Functioning! So many things use electricity. Home electrical repair is a fact of life. Learn the skills and precautions you need to take to make your own repairs.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans come in all shapes and sizes. Some have lights, other are just fans. They can be wired differently and they can have several settings. Anything with that many moving parts is a candidate for repair issues. See what can be fixed and how hard it is.


There are basically two different types of doorbells. Wired units are hooked to your homes power supply. Wireless units rely on batteries to work. There are advantages to both types. The problems that may require repair differ between the two styles.

Electrical Wiring

Just about everything in your home that uses electricity has some type of wiring. When is wiring a problem? When is it advisable to try and repair an electrical device or the wiring going to it? Is it too dangerous to attempt it yourself? Several subjects are covered in the wiring segment. Questions are answered and instructions are provided.

Plumbing Repair

Which plumbing repairs can you make yourself? It is easy to make your own home plumbing repair. You can save money and time if you do it yourself. Find out which plumbing repairs make sense for you to try.

Plumbing Drains

One of the key jobs that your plumbing system takes care of is getting rid of unwanted water. The drains in your home perform this lowly task. Leaks and clogs are two common problems for drains. Can you fix them yourself? Yes, as long as you are armed with the right information.

Garbage Disposals

A garbage disposal is both an electrical and a plumbing device. Most people consider them an integral part of a modern kitchen. Most of the problems with garbage disposals can be fixed without too much difficulty and common tools. Find out what you need to know.


The toilets in your home perform a dirty and much needed function. When functioning properly, they effectively remove unwanted waste from the home gracefully. When they are not working, you can have a real mess on your hands. Dealing with toilet issues is an easy way for a homeowner to save on repair bills. Learn what you need to know by checking out this section

Hot Water Heaters

This is another important item that involves more than one type of technology. Getting water in and out of the tank involves plumbing issues. Gas lines are another plumbing problem. Heating water with electricity is a unique concept. Keeping the two of them separated is very important. Find out about water heaters in this section.